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Solve Your Caregiver Crisis

Quality Home Health Aides are hard to find. Savvy agency owners understand that an internal training program is vital.

Back in 2017 we set out to solve the caregiver crisis by creating a unique online, CMS compliant, training program that makes it simple for agencies to train home health aides by allowing trainees to learn at their own pace – anywhere they have access to the internet – while reducing the time your nursing staff needs to spend on in-person training from two weeks to two days.

Partnering with The Home Health Training Center keeps your RNs in the field while your aide trainees complete their classroom training.

Eliminate Your Training Frustrations

If you do your own in-person aide training, you know the frustration of wasted time and money spent planning – and staffing – a 75-hour aide training class only to have your trainees (or trainer) miss all or part of the sessions. Missed sessions lead to more planning and schedule juggling, staff back-filling, and one-off training sessions to get in the required hours off training. Scheduling conflicts, back-filling visits to free up your RN for training, rearranging the office to make classroom space, and the inevitable hand-holding some trainees need, all add to the frustration of in-person home health aide training.

Control Your Training Budget

What’s more, all of that schedule juggling and re-staffing is expensive and leads to loss in job satisfaction for your nurses and interrupted caregiver continuity or missed visits for your clients.

What if you could eliminate the frustration AND get your aide training budget under control?

Think about how much you’re spending on your RN’s wages to teach just one aide training class. 75-hours in RN wages for non-billable work isn’t easy on the bottom line! If you’re like most agencies, the RN you use for aide training is a field RN paid to perform billable visits for you. How much does back-filling those visits cost your agency? How about hidden cost; Is inconsistent staffing costing your agency clients and referrals? If your RN is only teaching one or two aides in each class, your return on that training investment is very low (we did the math, at the average RN wage, you need a class size of at least ten trainees to justify the costs). And, even after spending all of that money, those trainees may not turn out to be the safe, compassionate, caregivers you hoped they would become. When that happens, you’re left with the daunting task of gathering up another class of hopefuls and throwing more cash out of the window.

With our competency guarantee, your training budget is in your control.

Better Aide Training = Better Client Outcomes

Let’s face it. Your RN staff joined your team to provide patient care. As nurses, training is a part of their nature. They do it every day for their clients. But, being a nurse educator and holding classroom sessions isn’t the same as training a client or client’s family. Most staff RNs fall somewhere on the spectrum from disliking the task of staff training to downright hating it. Often, this leads to classroom training that is relegated to not much more than a RN presenting PowerPoint slides or sitting through a pre-recorded video lecture with your trainees. I bet you can remember a time when you sat through a boring mandatory training. Why put your aid trainees in that situation – or, for that matter, your RNs? We have the solution to free your RNs from an unwanted task while elevating your trainees’ classroom experience.

Aide training is best accomplished by RNs who specialize in education and love teaching.

Our training program is built on the backbone of a peer reviewed, RN developed, textbook from Hartman Publishers that is currently in its 6th edition. The textbook was converted to an web-based course by our founder; a RN who loves teaching and holds a Masters’ Degree in Nursing Education.

Our program offers engaging content designed to be accessible and fun while promoting higher retention and improved real-world application by the learner. Goodbye, boring mandatory training!

The Solution - Our Aide Training Program

  • Ready-to-use program
    • Home Health CMS CoP compliant and designed for Certified Home Health Care agencies
    • All core CMS HHAide training topics included.
    • Classroom training hours are tracked and documented – 60 hours included (students typically complete the course in two to three weeks)
    • Home Health RN oversight for all students included
    • Nationally recognized, peer reviewed, RN developed, curriculum.
    • Complete survey-ready records available to help you maintain CoP compliance
  • Adult learning theory based training
    • Short, focused, lessons
    • Easy to digest and relevant topics
    • Real-world application of lessons ensure adult learners incorporate new knowledge into practice
  • A physical textbook is included for each student so they can review course content offline
  • A physical workbook is included for each student with off-line theory application activities to reinforce learning and promote critical thinking skills
  • Pocket reference guide available for purchase – reward your new staff member with a graduation gift and help keep correct procedure steps at their fingertips

Choose Your Aide Training Solution


Choose the starter plan and train up to 1 Home Health Aide per Month

  • 1 classroom seat per month
  • 1 textbook set per month
  • Self-paced course
  • Final Exam
  • Certificate of Completion
  • FREE 10 day TRIAL!
Train Your Staff for $250/mo
SAVE $900 per year

With annual billing you’ll reduce your training cost to $185 per month!


Choose the basic plan and train up to 3 Home Health Aides per Month

  • 3 classroom seats per month
  • 3 textbook sets per month
  • 100% online
  • Self-paced course
  • Final Exam
  • Certificate of Completion
  • PLUS Email-based RN support for students
Train Your Staff for $750/mo
SAVE $2,700 per year

With annual billing you’ll reduce your training costs to $525 per month!


Choose the growth plan and train up to 5 Home Health Aides per Month

  • 5 classroom seats per month
  • 5 textbook sets per month
  • 100% online
  • Self-paced course
  • Final Exam
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Email AND chat based RN support for students
  • PLUS Automated progress reports
  • PLUS Administrator access
  • PLUS 25% discount on our online Home Health Aide Skills Lab
Train Your Staff for $1,750/mo
SAVE $4,500 per year

With annual billing you’ll reduce your training costs to $875 per month!


Choose the enterprise plan and train up to 10 Home Health Aides per Month

  • 10 classroom seats per month
  • 10 textbook sets per month
  • 100% online
  • Self-paced course
  • Final Exam
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Email, chat, AND phone based RN support for students
  • Automated progress reports
  • Administrator Access
  • PLUS 50% discount on our online Home Health Aide Skills Lab
  • PLUS Custom branding for your training program
  • PLUS Dedicated THHTC RN course instructor
Train Your Staff for $2,500/mo
SAVE $9,000 per year

With annual billing you’ll reduce your training costs to $1,750 per month!

Online Home Health Aide Skills Lab

Your Skills Training Solution

Trainees who successfully complete our online classroom sessions are eligible to complete 16 hours of skills training online, too! 

This is an excellent option for agencies who have been precluded from providing aide training or don’t have the space for their own skills lab.

*Trainees must have reliable internet access and sufficient internet data to be successful in the online skills lab.

  • 100% online
  • Skills demonstration videos teach the correct skill procedure
  • Skills practice logging
  • Over 90 skills taught
  • Trainees practice and demonstrate all CMS required hands-on patient care skills while reinforcing observation, reporting, and documentation skills
  • Home Health RN feedback on every trainee skills demonstrations
  • Trainees repeat skills demonstrations until they can perform the skill correctly
  • Competency guaranteed or retraining is free!
Just $299 per trainee

Growth and Enterprise subscribers save up to 50% off of each Skills Lab enrollment

Meet Our Founder and Chief Education Officer

Corrine Carter, MSN-Ed, RN

  • 30 years of RN experience
  • Holds a Masters’ Degree in Nursing Education
  • Former Certified Home Health Agency Clinical Director, Education Specialist, and Staff RN
  • SIGMA Nursing Scholar and contributor
  • 10+ years of experience in Home Health Care
  • Certified ACHC Accreditation Consultant – Home Health and Private Duty Nursing
  • Certified ACHC Accreditation Consultant – Telehealth

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