CMS Rule Making Process Begins for OASIS D Item Set

IAHHC sent out the following information concerning the OASIS-D data set process:

CMS filed a notice and request for comment on proposed revisions to the OASIS item set. The notice was posted on the Federal Register website March 9 and is scheduled for publication March 12.

CMS is seeking approval from the Office of Management and Budget for January 1, 2019 implementation of OASIS-D. Public comment will be open for 60 days.

CMS has also posted a 2019 OASIS change table online. In the crosswalk, you will see items that are replacing current items as well new items to be added, such as J1900 (Number of Falls since SOC/ROC, whichever is more recent).

The current version of the item set, OASIS-C2, went into effect just last year. The proposed modifications are driven by the IMPACT Act.

A draft of OASIS-D is expected in July and a finalized version is expected as early as November, CMS officials said during the Q&A portion of a February home health, hospice and durable medical equipment (DME) open door forum.

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